In the mid 60’s I was off to college, inspired to be an artist.  After a couple of years looking at my fellow students work and critiques from professors, I realized that being an artist, may not put food on the table.  Fortunately my roommate, who was a fashion photographer introduced me to photography and to this day I am still addicted.

After college my career has taken many paths, combat photographer in Vietnam, cinematographer for many years in Los Angeles, visual effects supervisor, fine art photography and a pioneer in fine art digital printing.  Inspirations over the years have come from the incredibly talented people whom I worked with in the entertainment industry.  But the greatest inspiration comes from my daughters, Lauren and Alyx, who inspire me daily.  And of course, the family dog Rua, who sleeps next to my desk and serenade’s me with her snoring.

Artist Statement
Pure but with emotion are the terms I would use describe my images.  Pure because I do very little post editing.  I believe that a photograph should stand on it’s own as captured and not be manipulated and made into something different.  There is an emotion that you feel at the time you take the photograph and that emotion is what you should be presenting in the final print.
Emotion is a feeling that not only should be felt when taking a photograph, but also when viewing it.  I feel that my images portray emotions of sadness, tranquility and happiness.  I believe that the emotions captured in a photograph come from the artists soul and are presented in their final artwork.